SRG Company


Strategic Retirement Group is an independent financial planning and investment management firm located in Stuart, Florida. Peter W. Weiler, CFP®, established SRG in 1989. Our independence implies that we are not affiliated with any bank, insurance company, mutual fund family, or retail brokerage company. This allows us the freedom to act in your best interest, without the need to recommend particular products or strategies. It’s a model that differs from other advisors, many of whom work as employees of larger financial firms. These firms are accountable to the parent company that employs them, and they are often pressured to promote proprietary products and reach certain sales goals. Those conflicts are eliminated given our independence.


Honesty, trust, and confidentiality form the basis of our partnership. These values are enhanced with our equally strong professional experience demonstrated in our role as fiduciaries. We consider our client/advisor relationship a partnership. We work with our clients to develop a strategy to pursue their unique vision of financial success. Clients stay informed throughout the process, and we welcome their ongoing engagement in that process.


Strategic Retirement Group chose to partner with Commonwealth Financial Network®, a privately held independent broker/dealer in the United States. The alliance with Commonwealth ensures that clients receive a wide variety of investment choices to complement their goals. It also helps the company serve clients in a seamless and efficient manner by providing back office, investment, and technology support. Just as you’re free to choose a financial advisor who you believe is best suited to helping you meet your goals, we benefit from the same freedom of choice in selecting a Registered Investment Adviser–broker/dealer. To learn more about CFN, see Our Broker/Dealer.