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Once we have had an opportunity to get to know you, it becomes clear where your needs and priorities reside. Fortunately, with whomever we engage, we find that our full array of services allow us to address myriad concerns and questions. From investment management for wealthy retirees to whether or not funding for your child's or grandchild's education is being met, our experienced and qualified team can assist in addressing your concerns.

We provide full service investment management from portfolio design and construction to implementation, all the way through the essential ongoing monitoring of our clients' investments. Our in-house analyst and advisors work closely with a very deep research department at Commonwealth Financial Network®. Our vast resources allow us to stay fully informed on current events while providing substantive updates to our clients as deemed appropriate. Keeping in touch with the pulse of the economy, the political climate, and any other market pertinent issues has enabled Strategic Retirement Group (SRG) the ability to more effectively manage our client portfolios.

Estate planning issues are ever evolving. Our ongoing research and resources allow us to assist in the most complex of estate planning concerns. After accumulating a lifetime's worth of savings, we find that most people desire to do their best to ensure that their assets are distributed to their beneficiaries with ease and in the most tax-efficient manner. Philanthropic options are often used as a way to potentially mitigate burdensome tax probabilities. SRG prides itself in helping guide individuals through the often confusing and multifaceted dynamics associated with their unique estate plan.

Beyond investment management and estate planning, SRG also offers guidance in retirement, tax, and insurance planning as well as other consulting services. Whether you are at or near retirement, our tools and experience allow for us to provide income and retirement needs analyses, insurance needs analyses, portfolio reviews of outside accounts, and college funding options. In addition, with assistance from our allied CPAs, we often address the always changing tax landscape while jointly offering any improvement suggestions that may present themselves. Whether or not we engage in a client/advisor capacity, we believe that our broad spectrum of services will allow for us to provide you with a fulfilling and educational experience.

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