Our Philosophy on Investing

"Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything."

                                                                  —Alexander Hamilton

  • We believe in conservative strategies that are driven by our clients' goals.
  • We believe in broadly diversified portfolios allocated across many asset classes.
  • We believe in the philosophy of "buy and hold" through market cycles—with periodic rebalancing.
  • We do not believe in market timing.
  • We seek low-cost, tax-efficient investments for our clients.
  • We aim to "buy low and sell high," except to harvest tax losses.
  • We believe that we provide value by offering perspective and direction.
  • We believe that periodic portfolio adjustments should be made, but that a reexamination of time horizons and risk tolerance, not emotions, should drive portfolio decisions.

We strive to make investment decisions and recommendations based on these core values and beliefs, not on circumstances and external, uncontrollable events or media hype. This has not been easy at times, but it is what we believe.

 At Strategic Retirement Group, we believe that a widely diversified and periodically rebalanced portfolio will expose our clients to less volatility and produce consistently better results over time.